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George Zimmerman's Website Is Not Doing Him Any Favors In The Trayvon Martin Case

Ambiguous Site Begging For Money Creates More Questions Than Answers

Trayvon Martin and relative

In a desperate bid to address the enormous amount of public anger being directed at him, George Zimmerman, the man that murdered unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, in a race based killing, has launched a website that is not helping his cause (

The pages of the site are titled "The Real George Zimmerman" "My Race" "The Facts" and "Contact." Zimmerman is begging for money online to support his family and for his legal case. Under the circumstances it is inappropriate. Profiting from crime is wrong.

Under the "My Race" page it states, "'The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.' - Thomas Paine." That does not answer the question he posed, as some have inquired on his ethnic background, due to the circumstances surrounding the case.

Zimmerman's dad is white and his mother Hispanic. The main reason race has come up in this murder is squarely due to Zimmerman. He made so many calls to 911 reporting individuals he labeled suspicious black males, one even as young as age 7, indicating blatant racial profiling. Zimmerman is also heard using the slur "f*cking coons" on the 911 tape.

George Zimmerman

Zimmerman asserts "I assure you the facts will come to light." No set of facts will explain Zimmerman stalking and confronting Martin, in an incident that ended in murder. Zimmerman started and caused this tragic incident. Zimmerman is heard on the 911 tapes breathing heavily as he ran after Martin, who was a scared kid trying to get away from the "crazy" and "creepy" man following him around on a rainy night, which sadly would be his last on earth.

Under the "album" page, Zimmerman posts photos of graffiti laden walls bearing support for him, by people who have broken the law in defacing others' property. In one incident, pro-Zimmerman statements were spray painted on community center in an African-American neighborhood to cause distress.

Zimmerman complains on the site, "As a result of the incident and subsequent media coverage, I have been forced to leave my home, my school, my employer, my family and ultimately, my entire life." However, Martin lost his life. There's no comparing who suffered the greater injury. Furthermore, this situation is of Zimmerman's own making. He cannot complain.

I believe had Martin survived the shooting, he would have labeled Zimmerman a criminal and a liar, professing he did not do anything to him on that fateful night.

Zimmerman had no authority under the law to stalk, confront, harass and or murder anyone, as he did to Martin. This entire crime and the fall out thereof is squarely Zimmerman's fault and he continues to perpetuate lies to defend the indefensible that has already cost others their lives, as it was reported three African-Americans were killed by two gunmen in support of Zimmerman.

It is time for Zimmerman to confess to God and the Martin family, asking both for forgiveness. Stop the charade and cover up.

The public also needs to keep its cool and not become enraged to the point people commit acts of violence, as has been seen in incidents against blacks, whites and Hispanics over the past couple weeks. Stop turning on each other. Things must not escalate out of control, because once that fire is lit, it will rage unchecked for a time doing significant damage. This is not the answer.


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