Rabu, 04 April 2012

Somebone Or Something Is Aging Troubled Actress Lindsay Lohan Fast And In A Hurry (Photo)

She Needs To Reevaluate Her Lifestyle

Lindsay Lohan is looking jacked!

New photos surfaced of jailbird actress, Lindsay Lohan, and she is looking haggard and washed up. You would think Kabbalah cult member Lohan is lying about her age, but she really seems to be 25 based on reports. Yet, when you look at her, she appears 20-years older. How does she do it.

Megan Fox

By contrast, fellow Hollywood actress, Megan Fox, looks much younger than Lohan, though she is 25-years-old as well. Lohan's rapid aging is a clear warning, regarding the terrible effects hard living, hard partying and hard drugs has on a person. Directors want actresses that don't look beat up by their terrible lifestyle. How can Lohan do any part justice in that state.


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