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Megan Fox Says Her Mouth Is Always Getting Her In Trouble During Interviews

Ya Think!

Megan Fox

Hollywood actress, Megan Fox, who routinely gets into trouble due to incendiary quotes she issues during interviews, has admitted she needs to be more careful of what she says. Being beautiful has opened many doors for Fox, but her mouth has shut many as well.

After her recent round of bad press for stating she wouldn't trade her place with an unattractive girl, Fox stated, "I’ve paid the price for being very open about my feelings. … I’m a passionate individual and sometimes when I have strong feelings about a subject I feel the need to express myself. But I’ve learned that it’s better to hold back a bit, that the world doesn’t necessary need or want to know what I think about some matters. I still believe in being very honest and speaking my mind. I think that’s a good quality even if sometimes it has gotten me into trouble.”


Megan Fox Says She Was Misquoted About Not Wanting To Trade Places With An Unattractive Girl

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