Rabu, 04 April 2012

Russian Spy Almost Had Sex With A Member Of The Obama Administration To Gain Top Secret Information

First Lady Michelle Obama to President Barack Obama: all I know is it better not be you!

A member of the Obama Administration wasn't thinking with his head and nearly gave away national secrets. Cynthia Murphy real name, Lydia Guryev, nearly bedded a close friend of Hillary Clinton (are you sure it wasn't Hillary, because she has those tendencies...ironically so does Bill). The Obama fundraiser, Alan Patricof, was being seduced by Guryev.

Anna Chapman

Guryev, was among the Russian spies arrested in 2010 and deported to Russia. Included among them was the spy that captured most of the media attention, Anna Chapman. It is also intimated she had sex for information and was targeting a member of the Obama Administration. This is another reminder of how easily manipulated some, well most, men are when it comes to women. Not to mention, some women... (see: Hillary Clinton).

Cynthia Murphy, also known as, Lydia Guryev

Side Bar: It is rumored that Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has a thing for Argentinean President Cristina Kirchner. She is envious that Kirchner became a head of state, where she failed against Obama in 2008 and has a crush on her. However, it appears Kirchner isn't checking for Hillary. Then again, neither is Bill (see: Monica Lewinsky).


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