Selasa, 03 April 2012

Another Solar Company That President Obama Gave Billions In Taxpayer Dollars Is Declared Bankrupt

Bad Barack Investments

Obama: okay, so maybe they didn't work

Solar Trust for America has been declared bankrupt by the Obama Administration, after the president gave the company $2.1 billion dollars in taxpayer money. Solar Trust for America is another of President Obama's green Company projects that has gone belly up.

The Judiciary Report has consistently warned against such initiatives, as the nation is currently not on solid financial footing. Amazingly, President Obama is not off these green companies and giving them large amounts of taxpayer money, though several of them have hit bankruptcy.

This is very unwise. This taxpayer money could be better used to create jobs in industries that are proven winners and moneymakers. It is a grievous mistake to keep pumping taxpayer funds into entities that keep failing. It is the definition of financial insanity.


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