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Judge Refuses To Recuse Himself In Custody Case Of Basketball Wives Star Royce Reed And Athlete Dwight Howard

Royce Reed

Judge Tim Shea of Florida, is refusing to recuse himself in the custody case of "Basketball Wives" reality star, Royce Reed and ex-boyfriend, Orlando Magic basketball player, Dwight Howard. Reed's motion to recuse is based on Howard's lawyer having endorsed Judge Shea on his website. Under the circumstances, it is understandable that Reed is requesting a recusal, as there exists a conflict of interest and potential bias. She also maintains through her attorney that Shea routinely rules in favor of famous athletes in custody cases.

Dwight Howard

For Reed, her child is at stake, so she wants no hindrances in court. As much a Reed has engaged in a number of unwise, contract violating actions that understandably upset Howard, she does not want to lose primary custody. Reed needs to think about this in future and stop provoking Howard, violating the confidentiality contract she signed with him, via publishing photos of their son online and having her new boyfriend pose for bedroom pictures with her child that she uploads on social networking sites.


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Judge Refuses to Step Down in Bitter Custody Case

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