Jumat, 13 April 2012

Madonna's MDNA Drops Like Her Butt Tumbling Down The Charts After History Making Sales Decline

Madonna looks nasty!

After using smoke a mirrors to cheat her way into an unearned number one on the Billboard charts several days ago, via giving away copies of her new failed CD entitled MDNA, thieving Madonna's album took a massive, history making nose dive down the charts, with an unprecedented 87% sales decline during its second week of release. That's what she gets for cheating.


The units of MDNA given away during the first week of release technically do not count, as they were not purchased, but given away with concert tickets that were done at the same time and whose numbers were illegally inflated as well to save face. The album also bombed in Britain with her worst sales to date and two flopped singles from MDNA.

When one has to rig sales, employ buying teams and give away albums, going to such extremes to fake having a entertainment career, it's time to call it a day. As the phrase goes, stick a fork in her she's done. Thanks to all that participated in the boycott.


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