Rabu, 04 April 2012

Report: "Banks Treat Foreclosed Homes Better In Mostly White Neighborhoods"

New Report Alleges Discrimination And Racism

A newly released report by the the National Fair Housing Alliance indicates foreclosed homes in white neighborhoods, were treated better than those in minority areas. This means, after evicting occupants, homes in white neighborhoods received better maintenance by banks, than properties in predominantly black and Hispanic areas.

These prejudices are prevalent in the banking system. For example, the now defunct Washington Mutual Bank, was forced to pay a large settlement for targeting blacks and Hispanics for high risks loans. In another legal action against the kaput bank, it was discovered they targeted non-English speaking customers and those with black or Hispanic sounding names, to saddle with extra mortgage fees, for services they did not need. Regrettably, racism is alive and well in the corporate sector.


Report: Banks Treat Foreclosed Homes Better In Mostly White Neighborhoods

By Chris Morran on April 4, 2012 2:15 PM - While Americans of every possible ethnic and racial group were hit by the massive foreclosures when the economy went KABOOM! a few years back, a new report claims that banks are often giving short shrift to the upkeep and marketing of foreclosed properties in areas with predominantly non-white residents.

Earlier today, the National Fair Housing Alliance released the result of its undercover investigation into how bank-owned properties are treated in nine major metro areas — Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Dayton, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Oakland, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Washington, DC.



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