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Trayvon Martin's Brother Denounces Murderer George Zimmerman's Lies And Characterizations Of The Slain Teen

He Also Recalls Happy Times With Trayvon

Jahvaris Fulton, the older brother of 17-year-old murder victim, Trayvon Martin, did an interview recently, recalling happy memories of his brother. Martin shared his belief the teen did not get into a confrontation with his killer, George Zimmerman, who irrationally racially profiled and stalked unarmed Trayvon, then murdered him on February 26, 2012 in Sanford, Florida.

Jahvaris Fulton

University student Fulton stated his honor student brother was, "Going to be someone." He also stated regarding the unprovoked shooting, "Everything I heard was from Zimmerman's perspective. It didn't sound like my brother at all. That my brother attacked him and did all this stuff. It doesn't sound like him at all. He wasn't confrontational or violent."

Trayvon Martin

Zimmerman's actions nearly incited a race war, taking the wrong tone and turn, via more violence and racism, in the murder of 3 black people, the beating of an Hispanic teen and the assault of a Caucasian man, in professed retaliatory attacks. An automated road sign message in Michigan was also hacked and replaced with the terrible slur, "Trayvon is a ni*ger." Zimmerman owes the Martins and the nation and apology for what his illegal deeds touched off.


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