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MDNA Madonna's Dumb New Album That Is Being Boycotted Flops In A Fiasco That Is The Worst Of Her Career

Keep The Boycott Going!

Deranged witch Madonna

Forbes magazine wrote, Madonna's MDNA album has flopped in Britain, selling a weak 57,000 copies in its debut week, which is a paltry amount for a major label artist. The average number one in Britain sells two to three times as many albums in its debut week. However, the standard trick the label used was to pick a release week with no real competition from other artists, who would actually sell well, giving her an easy, albeit low selling number one album.

With the massive exposure thieving Madonna had in the lead up to MDNA's release, due to whoring herself out at the opening of every envelope, she should have sold far more albums. Madonna also bribed over two dozen journalists for flattering pieces her secretary co-wrote that were published in newspapers.

She also bribed certain bloggers for favorable posts, sending them what to write, in support of her failing career and rip off album. She also has known hackers spamming feedback comment sections with glowing reviews of her album, re-posted on website, after website.

Madonna continues to be her own worst enemy. In all this paid for promotion, there's one problem - you can't sell the public what they don't want to buy and people are genuinely disgusted by her, due to her terrible deeds. The Judiciary Report has slammed her online, in articles read by millions of people, killing her sales.

Judging from some of their crazy, threatening, racist emails to me, as well as death threats issued to me in public after being stalked, Madonna and her deranged cult Kabbalah, believe they are the only ones that read my websites, with no one knowing about the public sites but them, when based on website stats, millions of people read my websites each month.

Only a fool, Madonna, would think a group of websites read by millions of people per month that truthfully exposes her criminal conduct and that of her equally demented cult, Kabbalah, would have no impact. People don't like to know that greedy celebrities are stealing from, harassing, slurring and threatening others. I've received emails from the public slamming Madonna and Kabbalah's horrible conduct towards me, labeling her and those involved in the cult, everything from greedy to crazy.

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Now people don't want to hear Madonna and don't want to see her either, as her tour dates are not selling well. A tour stop in Britain has already been cancelled, due to terrible sales. There are an abundance of tickets available for her tour, because people don't want them. The first two singles from MDNA have already flopped, now the album has as well, scoring the worst sales of her career.

However, Madonna deserves it, as she is a truly evil human being, who has robbed and hatefully harassed me and my family, causing us significant distress and undue hardships with her thievery and madness. This woman has literally tried to destroy me for simply existing and pursuing a career in entertainment with my copyrights I began authoring as a girl, which mean so much to me, as I love to write.

Madonna is nothing but a common thief and thug, employing hackers and private investigators to rob, stalk and bully innocent people going about their daily lives. It's due to her crimes that I blew the whistle in what turned into the phone hacking scandal, as she does not know when to quit and her conduct became so vicious, obsessive, overbearing and insane. Nobody wants such invasiveness and perversion forcing its way into their life and the misconduct coming from Madonna and that cult still has not stopped. They're sick and crazy. Anyone with that kind of penchant for robbing and abusing others should not be free. The evidence clearly shows they pose a threat to my life.

On numerous occasions, professionals that know the entertainment industry well, have privately formed me of the extremes she has gone to in order to get me blacklisted at Billboard, recording studios, instrument manufacturers, advertising agencies, newspapers and entertainment law firms.

However, what goes around comes around, as the public reading of her criminal conduct on my sites, have blacklisted her from their wallets, refusing to buy her products. Her career is dead. You reap what you sow. That madwoman Madonna even bribed sitting federal judges with corporate stocks and other incentives to get away with these crimes in court. None of this paints a pretty picture.


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