Sabtu, 07 April 2012

Madonna's Kabbalah Center Accused Of Widespread Fraud And Human Rights Abuses

"Chevre" Slave Members Of The Cult Cooperating With The IRS And FBI In Criminal Investigation

Philip Berg, 82, and wife, Karen, 69, their children and Madonna have made a few hundred million dollars in Kabbalah criminally fleecing the public and the nation of Malawi

Is Rupert Murdoch throwing fellow Kabbalah cult member Madonna under the bus, to save his own skin, as he did to some of his employees at News Corp in the phone hacking scandal, in attempting to avoid prison for crimes he and his family commissioned and committed.

Murdoch's New York Post and The Daily have done two unflattering pieces on Madonna and Kabbalah, proclaiming them abusive criminals, engaging in tax fraud, immigration fraud, bank fraud and medical fraud.

Crazy, greedy Madonna

Shaul Youdkevitch, a former Kabbalah cult "chevre" (brainwashed slave) told the New York Post, "Breaking the law became habit in every possible direction. Everything was for the purpose of making money and power."

Yet, for years, despite a formal complaint I filed with the FBI in 2005, when I broke the News Corp phone hacking scandal online, the corrupt FBI feloniously hid and covered up vital evidence in conduct that facilitated serious criminal conduct by Kabbalah. This cover-up nearly cost me my life and made my parents physically ill, due to all the stress and harassment that emanated from it.


Madonna's Dumb New Album That Is Being Boycotted Flops In A Fiasco That Is The Worst Of Her Career

MDNA = Madonna's Dumb New Album

Malawi To Pop Star Madonna Who Stole Financial Donations From Them: You Stink!

Madonna's Kabbalah Center Sends Racist Expletive Filled Email With The N-Word And Death Threats

Madonna Looks Like Jessica Rabbit's Mother On The Cover Of Girls Gone Wild

Madonna's New Single "Give Me All Your Luvin" Flops And Crashes Out Of The Charts Early

Greedy Madonna Thinks Her Concert Tickets Are Worth $300 During The Financial Crisis

Madonna's Connection To Phone Hacking And Wiretapping Scandal

The Daily Mail Is Actively Engaging In Hacking, Phone Hacking And Wiretapping

The FBI Corruptly Granted "Sovereign Immunity" In The Aisha v. FBI Case

Madonna Putting Out A Perfume Is Ironic Because...

Madonna Has Been Getting More Plastic Surgery In Trying For A Comeback After Failed Albums

Madonna And Kabbalah Close Their Corrupt Charity Due To Criminal Investigation

Rupert Murdoch Finally Admits His Company's Phone Hacking And Wiretapping Crimes

The Kabbalah Center Viciously Harassing And Threatening Jamaicans

Report: Kabbalah Cult Under Grand Jury Investigation

Madonna Fraudulent Charity For Africa Squanders Millions On Big Salaries & Luxury Items For Greedy Kabbalah Members

Senator Demands FBI Investigate Rupert Murdoch For Hacking Rival & Stealing Their Copyrights

Fox News Has A Secret Phone Hacking Department In The Building Says Former Employee


Abuse, fraud accusations at Madonna's beloved Kabbalah Centre

The Daily Exclusive: Sect's Dark Side

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