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Rihanna And Madonna's Kabbalah Committed Copyright Infringement In Stealing The Film Battleship

Engaging In Other Conduct That Constitutes Criminal Invasion Of Privacy


[Article background: this is another in the series of phone hacking articles the Judiciary Report has published, regarding a scandal I broke first in October 2005, via a police complaint I filed with the Metropolitan Police in London, England. 30 people have been arrested by the Metropolitan Police since the time I filed the complaint. However, the Murdochs and other key conspirators remain free and the FBI has not arrested anyone, though the crimes began and continue in News Corp's New York headquarters].

This is an extension of the phone hacking series of articles the Judiciary Report has published. As the site has stated for the past few years and was confirmed in the mainstream press recently, so-called singer, Rihanna, is a member of the sick religious cult Kabbalah, run by Madonna and Rupert Murdoch. She joined at Madonna and Jay-Z's instance.

As seen in the phone hacking case and as I have maintained all along, they are engaging in acts of criminal invasion of privacy and criminal copyright infringement for profit. The cult is under criminal investigation for financial fraud, tax fraud, charity fraud, immigration fraud and medical fraud.

Madonna and Rihanna at a Kabbalah function in New York

Kabbalah believes itself the new "Illuminati" - a secretly group obsessed with power, crime and theft of other people's property for undue financial gain. Some of the worst offenders in Kabbalah, regarding invasive, insidious misconduct are Madonna, Rupert Murdoch, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Simon Cowell, Jay-Z and Rihanna. They have all been sued in courts of law all over the world for stealing other people's property, in their greedy quest for money and so-called power.

As seen in the phone hacking scandal, Metropolitan Police documents and investigations in Britain and civil court case documents in America, the aforementioned group engage in criminal invasion of privacy, data theft, criminal copyright infringement and commissioned stalking, via hired hackers and private investigators.

Rihanna, wearing a Kabbalah red string bracelet on her right hand, sits with Chris Brown

Today, I'm going to write about Rihanna and her perverse conduct in the case. In conjunction with Madonna, who according to industry sources, she is having sex with in exchange for criminally stolen, preexisting copyrights belonging to me, Rihanna has been engaging in perverse acts of invasion of privacy and mimicking.

Hackers criminally employed by Madonna/Kabbalah routinely and illegally copy the contents of my email boxes, computers and mobile phone texts and calls, via hacking and phone hacking and pass it on to members of the cult. They illegally monitor and copy all my emails online and over my mobile phone, in addition to unlawfully tracking my purchases online, which constitutes felony hacking and wiretapping.

Rihanna wearing an illuminati sideways cross tattoo on her neck, which is a symbol of devil worshipping

Most of what I buy is not expensive, but on a regular basis, the aforementioned people have consistently later purchased the same items or had replicas made to match them when the ran out, then worn or used the items in public, as seen in paparazzi photos Madonna, Rihanna and Beyonce have been the worst offenders with this type of invasive misconduct.

For example, time stamped items I have bought online using my debit card, Madonna and Rihanna also purchased or had replicas made and wore them shortly after like clockwork, in several instances I have receipts to illustrate the weird mimicking, along with later taken paparazzi photos of them doing so.

Rihanna holding up the "Mark of the Beast" sign

A brown satin dress I purchased months ago to be worn in a preexisting copyrighted video, Rihanna was photographed in a replica thereof two weeks ago, at one of the premieres for the film "Battleship" which was criminally stolen from my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog, which contains 12,500 songs, 1000 movie scripts, movie treatments and short stories, 15 book manuscripts, 300 music video treatments, 500 photographs, 100 photo treatments, a perfume line and clothing line, among other items.

In another instance, I bought a jacket for which I have a receipt and shortly after Rihanna was seen wearing a replica of the jacket to another film premiere. On another occasions, I bought and gave my mom a blouse and days later there was Rihanna wearing a jacket out in public that looked just like the blouse.

Aisha 2002

Rihanna in March 2012

A few months ago, Rihanna change her hairstyle, cutting and coloring it to look exactly like mine. Days later I bought a black wig online, for which I have a receipt, to use the wig for a photo and another project. Within two weeks of doing so, Rihanna began wearing the exact same black wig, as she has been sporting over the past several days.

Previously, that red hair phase Rihanna went through, occurred after I copyrighted a music video that called for the singer to wear a red wig. Shortly after, Rihanna infringed the copyrighted item and began wearing the red wig everywhere.

Rihanna has also criminally made use of items from my emails that were not addressed to her, but sent to my email box as reminder notes which also provide a time and date stamp, similar to what I did here. This criminal conduct constitutes scores of serious felonies.

Rihanna has stolen so many copyrighted songs, videos, pictures and a branded perfume I copyrighted in 2009, knowingly and willfully receiving stolen goods, for undue financial enrichment. This woman is one of the most greedy and depraved people on the planet, who will do anything for money.

Rihanna has traded sexual favors with industry men and women for songs, beats and other items to further her fake and faltering career. She has slept with married men and women. She is a disgrace to her family with this whoring for fame and criminally robbing people of their copyrighted intellectual property. She is also a raging cocaine addict who loves to smoke marijuana and drink loads of alcohol.

Aisha 2002

Rihanna 2012 (same hair style and lipstick shade as my photo above)

She believes there is no trail of evidence regarding her stealing, but there exists a well defined one. Email time stamps, copyright dates and date bearing purchase receipts betrays the criminal invasion of privacy for undue financial gain. Furthermore, when you later mimic items from people's personal and business emails, it is a dead give away that you are spying on another person in a very depraved manner and know exactly what you are doing in criminally breaking the law.

That nasty, greedy, disgusting woman, Rihanna, in conjunction with Kabbalah, is constantly violating my rights and stealing my property in ways that are completely criminal. I feel so violated and creeped out by it all, regarding sick conduct they refuse to stop. What is wrong with them to be so perverted and constantly doing something so sick.

Is this what their parents raised them to do - commit brazen felonies robbing and perversely spying on innocent people going about their daily lives. Rihanna is so full of herself as well, regarding her alleged accomplishments, when she is nothing but a dirty thief stealing and liquidating copyrights meant to produce forthcoming breakthrough pharmaceutical drugs to help cancer and AIDS sufferers and apparatus to aide the blind (as written about here).

When I started speaking out about her criminal misconduct in tandem with Kabbalah, Rihanna used a little girl suffering from cancer in an attempt to clean up the bad PR from my truthful claims. When the child died, Rihanna stopped taking her mother's calls. She went on to publicly speak out against Rihanna's self-serving conduct in using her sick child for publicity.

What kind of devil uses a sick child for publicity, especially in a case where the offending individual stole from copyrighted assets meant to help and cure those with the same affliction. Rihanna keeps criminally stealing said copyrights and liquidating them, in tandem with Kabbalah, to buy luxury homes for herself and her equally greedy, disgraceful family and to engage in other indulgences such as massive shopping sprees and $4,500 manicures (as mentioned on another website).

The worst part is they are doing a significant amount of damage to disease sufferers. But then again, Rihanna is a devil worshipper, as seen in her vile music videos and pictures, so one should expect such abhorrent behavior from her. Sick people like Rihanna and the other vile people in Kabbalah should not be walking the streets among innocent people.

As stated above, I have kept a detailed record and receipts of the aforementioned incidents of criminal hacking, spying and mimicking and will make the receipts and comparative items public in an upcoming article.


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