Kamis, 22 Desember 2011

91 Members Of Congress Demand The Resignation Of Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder

Eric Holder and Barack Obama

91 members of Congress are demanding the resignation of President Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder, due to hundreds of people having died from guns and cash he criminally trafficked to drug cartels into Mexico, without the consent of the government. Said guns turned up at a number of crime scenes.

This number is up significantly from the original 50 that have been demanding he leave office. Holder obstinately refuses to leave, which means he is going to be severely pummeled by scandal after scandal to unbearable extremes. Holder's conduct is criminal and inexcusable. Regardless of Holder leaving or staying, it does not matter to the Judiciary Report, but he will be held accountable for the crimes he has been committing, as there is a worse scandal coming his way.



Now, 91 congressmen have ‘no confidence’ in Holder or believe he should quit

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