Senin, 19 Desember 2011

Mrs. Obama Being Criticized Online For Her Trip To Hawaii Due To The Price Tag On The Taxpayers Tab

The Obamas

A number of domestic and international websites and newspapers have been criticizing First Lady Michelle Obama, for taking separate flights from her husband, President Barack Obama, to begin their Hawaii vacation. It is being reported Mrs. Obama's travel expenses will cost the taxpayers at least $100,000 this Christmas in avoidable fees, enough to feed many families.

She is also being criticized for the number of vacations she has taken this year and the millions it has cost the taxpayers. In these tough economic times, when people are losing their jobs, homes and savings, the First Family need to remember that these extravagances do not look good in any fashion. It is causing anger and resentment on many message boards and feedback columns all over the internet, with complaints from suffering Americans struggling under Obama's failed financial policies.

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