Rabu, 28 Desember 2011

Record Companies Preparing Justin Bieber Clones For 2012

Justin Bieber

Record labels are busy preparing clones of teen singer, Justin Bieber, who had another big year in 2011. They are hoping to capitalize on his success, by releasing artists that use his model in pop music and are very similar to him. Bieber is scheduled to hit 18 next year, a critical time for teen stars, which record labels have interpreted as a open door in the market to bring in younger talent to replicate what he did in pop culture.

It's the same way many in the music industry believed Bieber to be the new Justin Timberlake, who has all but fallen off, with flopped films and no new material in a long time. Timberlake expressed his resentment of Bieber this year with a mean jab on "Saturday Night Live."

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