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Ex-Boyfriend Of Justin Bieber Accuser Mariah Yeater Says She Lied About The Teen Singer For $50,000

Justin Bieber

Robbie Powell, the ex-boyfriend and suspected dad of Mariah Yeater's baby Tristyn, is stating she lied about 17-year-old teen singer, Justin Bieber, claiming he fathered her 4-month old in a seedy fling in a bathroom. Powell states Yeater was paid $50,000 for lying about the paternity of her baby, blaming it on Bieber, who maintains the two never met.

Mariah Yeater

Yeater still has not revealed when she did her part for the paternity test she demanded Bieber take, by bringing her child in to be tested. If it is proven Bieber is not the father of Yeater's child, she will be subject to an extensive lawsuit, which could include, but would not be limited to, claims of defamation of character, slander, libel and malice. It is unlikely Yeater would prevail in court under said circumstances and any judgment would wipe out the $50,000 she was allegedly paid, based on Bieber's legal fees alone.


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Mariah Yeater 'lied' about Justin Bieber paternity for $50,000, says ex-boyfriend

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