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Emails Reveal News Corp's James Murdoch Knew Of Phone Hacking And Signed Off On The Criminal Conduct Continuing

James Murdoch: uh oh!

This is a follow up on the phone hacking scandal I broke first via a police complaint. Newly released emails in the phone hacking scandal reveal, James Murdoch, the incompetent son of greedy News Corp CEO, Rupert Murdoch, knew of illegal phone hacking at the company and encouraged it.

Murdoch's illogical excuse is he did not read the email he responded to, in which he condoned and encouraged the illegal practice. However, News Corp lawyers maintain, they also spoke to him face to face after the email in question, regarding phone hacking and once again he signed off on the criminal misconduct continuing.

James Murdoch (left) and Rupert Murdoch (right)

Either way, phone hacking still continues. I and others, have a mountain of proof to indicate beyond the shadow of a doubt, it is still happening and is a staple at certain newspapers and networks, a small fraction of which I have already placed online.

I want the public to see and understand the serious criminal privacy violations and the implications thereof for everyone else if this intrusiveness is not wiped out within the scope of the law by the appropriate authorities, as not only are people's text messages open to illegal prying, the phone has been used as a camera and video to illegally watch people in their homes and other settings, in conduct not permitted by law


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