Kamis, 15 Desember 2011

Falling In Line With Corruption In Politics

...And The Damage It Causes Society

When a then Senator Obama ran for the job of President of the United States, he mounted a grass roots campaign, misleading the populace that he was in favor of the poor and would change things for the better. Three years on he has changed things for the worst. Despite public warnings, he spent the nation into a bigger financial hole, refused to make necessary budget cuts and did not tax the rich to bring in much needed tax revenue. Now he seeks a second term to do more of the same and America would collapse under that debt trajectory he has planned.

Obama went to Washington and fell in line with the corruption, spending taxpayer money on fruitless endeavors that trample decency and thrift in favor of greed and mercilessness to the poor. He has compromised and sold out the American people in favor of rich donors called "bundlers" (bring in $250,000 each) as they sought him to champion their hedonistic, greedy, unethical lifestyles, which is why his presidency has failed. It's time he admits that and stop playing the people for fools. What he did has not worked for the economy.

When you can boast your time in office resulted in child poverty reaching an all time high and a record number of Americans losing their homes, cars, savings and jobs, with some U.S. states surpassing Great Depression levels in unemployment, you have failed. It's only a matter of time before other states catch up if the problem is not corrected. Own up to it. You did the wrong thing and now millions are suffering (see Obama's "shovel ready" jobs fiasco). It's been three years since Bush kick started this financial nightmare and Obama has not been the sweet dream to remedy it. He has been the sequel.

Some play the race card in attempting to defend the past three abysmal years, but do look at the numbers, black people in America are poorer than they've ever been. Stop making everything about race. Look at the facts. As a black person I wanted him to succeed as the first black president of America, but the public has seen such treachery from him.

He has repeatedly looked the other way to the unthinkable, which is a bad sign. He has done the wrong thing on a number of issues and many have been hurt because of it. He is the one that needs change, as in he needs to change and stop dishonoring black people everywhere that went to bat for him, only for him to spectacularly strike out.


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