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The FBI Caught Lying About Carrier IQ Spying

The FBI Launches Cover Up Of Carrier IQ FOIA Files

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

The FBI recently denied a formal request under the Freedom of Information Act, for information regarding the agency using Carrier IQ to spy on the American people. They denied the request by the website MuckRock on the basis, "Releasing the information could interfere with ongoing law enforcement operations."

Then days later, in the next breath, the FBI's Director, Robert S. Mueller, publicly denied altogether the agency has been using Carrier IQ. So why deny the formal request for the Freedom of Information Act files on Carrier IQ, if you aren't using it and have no affiliation regarding it. You've contradicted yourself, which indicates lying.

At this point, you may as well strike down the Freedom of Information Act, because you spit on it every single day, lying to the populace that such matters are due to national security, when the fact of the matter is, you do not want the American people to know the terrible extremes you go to in secretly spying on the public. Tell the public how you've done the following to innocent people for political and personal reasons:

Turn mobile phones into invasive audio and video bugs

Hack computers and email boxes of innocent citizens

Hack public library computer systems to spy on patrons using library computers

Employ infrared technology for real time visual spying into people's homes without their knowledge or consent

Demand receipts from major stores in order to spy on what people buy using their debit and credit cards

Utilize GPS in phones and cars to track people

Illegally pry into and demanded medical records you were not entitled to under any law in existence

Illegally spy on minors in unlawful ways, in states of undress in their private homes, while surveilling their parents

Threaten people's underage children and their futures, as a means to bend their parents to do your bidding in cases

Willfully attempt to drive innocent people into committing suicide to close out cases you've messed up in (Bruce Ivins and numerous others)

Lean on the IRS to harass people you target that do not deserve it

Illegally and secretly operate in foreign countries without the permission of the host nations, by employing criminally placed wiretaps, GPS, phone hacking, computer hacking and 24 hour on the ground surveillance (following targets around)

Does any of that sound like law enforcement to you. It sounds more like lawbreaking. It has the look of an antiquated secret police service operating outside the law to manipulate and control citizens for its own benefit and the unbalanced accumulation of so-called power.


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FBI rejects FOIA request for Carrier IQ info

Agency says release of data would 'interfere with law enforcement proceedings' December 13, 2011 06:36 AM ET - Computerworld - The FBI has denied a request for the release of information regarding its use of Carrier IQ's software, saying that releasing the information could interfere with ongoing law enforcement operations.

The response does not make clear whether the law enforcement agency is using Carrier IQ software for investigative purposes, or whether the documents it declined to release are related to an investigation of the controversial application.

The request under the Freedom of Information Act was filed Dec. 1 by Michael Morisy, co-founder of MuckRock, a website that helps people file FOIA requests with the government. Morisy asked the FBI for any manuals, documents or other written material it might have related to the FBI's use of data gathered by Carrier IQ.

In response, David Hardy, the section manager of the FBI's Records Management Group, said the FBI has in its possession "responsive documents" pertaining to Carrier IQ. However, Hardy said the FBI would not release the documents as requested because doing so would compromise ongoing investigations...


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