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New Years Eve Movie Flops Costing Warner Bros A Bundle

Ranks As The Worst Box Office Weekend Ever

The copyright infringing sequel to the rip-off movie "Valentine's Day" titled "New Years Eve" starring Kabbalah cult devotee, Ashton Kutcher and directed by fellow member, Gary Marshall, has flopped at the box office in the worst weekend on record (the Murdochs are also members of Kabbalah). It is just desserts for all the stealing of preexisting copyrights said cult has been doing in the name of money, while AIDS and cancer sufferers pay the ultimate price (see last paragraph of highlighted article).

My copyrights weren't meant to be stolen by Hollywood reprobates (or anyone else), as said funds were meant to be used to support my forthcoming medical and science patents, which contain many breakthroughs. So while millions of people suffer and die from the aforementioned diseases, the proceeds from my copyrights that have been stolen are criminally going to pay for greedy stars cosmetic surgeries, botox injections, designer clothes, sports cars and new mansions, all under the corrupt eye of the FBI and the Obama Administration. It is the most evil thing I have ever seen in my life.

Those awful human beings know that they are delaying groundbreaking research/forthcoming pharmaceutical patents that will prolong people's lives, as they are willfully engaging in criminal theft of copyright (funds) facilitated by corrupt stonewalling by the FBI/Obama Administration. The case was reported to the Metropolitan Police in October 2005, via a police complaint I filed which broke the phone hacking scandal first. The Met Police did make some arrests of hackers, private investigators and journos, involved in the phone hacking and hacking scandal (some criminals in the scandal still remain free). However, the FBI under both Bush and Obama have done absolutely nothing, though the criminal misconduct is rife under their legal jurisdiction, which is where it originated.

A police complaint was first filed by me with the FBI and its director, Robert S. Mueller in September 2005. He was the first to be informed of it in writing, with evidence to support it, but he took a bribe from Madonna according to one of my very good sources that hasn't steered me wrong yet, as attested by my proven exclusives. As a result, the FBI has stonewalled the investigation, criminally denied me access to the Freedom Of Information Act files regarding it, in violation of U.S. law and continue to cover for lazy, thieving lawbreaking stars doing the unthinkable. They are also going around Hollywood and Washington grinning and smiling for the cameras which proves they could care less that they are willfully delaying scientific work/pharmaceuticals that will prolong people's lives. One doesn't get anymore evil than that in life.

Boycott Mad-onna and Kabbalah

Madonna is the ringleader in this madness at the Kabbalah Center. What kind of dirty arrogant animal steals another person's property, then illegally resells it in brazen criminal conduct. As I have been told by someone full privy to what is going on in the case, she puts the illegal proceeds from criminally re-selling my unpublished copyrights she obtained a copy of via unlawful hacking, in a hidden account which constitutes tax evasion, racketeering, fraud and criminal copyright infringement. It was also later discovered by Newsweek that she placed millions in charity money donated to the nation of Malawi in a personal off shore account in the Cayman Islands, which is a crime. (Photo courtesy of Radar Online).

Side Bar: Madonna and Kabbalah have actively been trying to sabotage the store and restaurant I'm starting, to support my aforementioned, forthcoming patents. I've done a tremendous amount of work on the store and restaurant I'm starting, but something happened recently that unmasked them as the source of criminal interference in a business deal I have been brokering. She has no business sticking that plastic surgery butchered beak of hers into my business, in conduct very similar to that of her fellow Kabbalah member Rupert Murdoch, who was slammed by Congress in a current criminal investigation, for doing the same to rivals to sabotage and destroy their businesses. I'm not going to let it slide...


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