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Amy Winehouse's Posthumous Album Tops The Charts In A Bittersweet Occurrence

Amy Winehouse

"Lioness: Hidden Treasures" the posthumous album of singer, Amy Winehouse, who died this past summer at the age of 27 from alcohol poisoning, has topped the charts in her native Britain. It is a bittersweet occurrence. Winehouse is gone to the grave from her own vices, which sadly consumed her and inadvertently negatively influenced other young men and women as well. Hard drugs and hard drinking had become apart of her act.

Winehouse and her contemporaries such as Pete Doherty in Britain, Lil Wayne and Rihanna in America, have set a very negative example for their fans, via drug and alcohol abuse. I'm not trying to knock Amy, as I'd hoped for the best for her, when she tried to dry out in the Caribbean, but I can't help but think she fell victim to the image she promoted. It became expected of her and due to those low expectations the industry placed on her, she wasn't afraid to fail at giving up on those vices.

When Winehouse first started her career with the debut CD "Frank" she was this healthy, pretty looking Jewish girl, who was unequivocally the best mainstream female singer in modern music. But then, like so many before her, she fell in with the wrong people in the entertainment industry and it cost her so much via what was brought into her environment.

Her boyfriend, who then became her husband, introduced her to hard drugs and she also began to drink more. It took a toll on her appearance, as she became gaunt, anorexic and frail, her skin erupted in sores and she began losing her teeth. She became a different person.

Amy strung out on drugs and alcohol was like a completely different person

The drugs and alcohol so took over, she was seen snorting on stage and drinking alcohol during the middle of shows. My advice to those thinking about trying drugs thinking it looks cool or will make them feel good, is do not do it. Remember Amy and what it did to her life. Some of you do not have the make up to be moderate drinkers either, as one small drink will not do and could prove the gateway to a life of alcoholism...or one cut short by it.


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