Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

Will Sex Pot Megan Fox Do Meaningful Work And Learn To Act In 2012

Megan Fox

Famous for being pretty and nothing else, Hollywood actress, Megan Fox, has fallen down the fame totem pole, after being unceremoniously booted from the "Transformers" film franchise by producer/director Steven Spielberg. Hired for her looks, as she lacks much in the acting department, Fox began a free fall into flopped films.

Megan Fox and her sister Kristi

Will 2012 be the year she finally learns to act and does something meaningful. Probably not. Fox's latest appearance is in the Sacha Cohen comedy "The Dictator" which slams Muslim heads of state, as people will to pay huge sums of money to sleep with various women. Fox is featured as herself, having sex with a goofy foreign dictator for a small bag of money and jewelry. Well, many in Hollywood say Fox slept with "Transformers" director Michael Bay to become rich and famous, so her role in "Dictator" wasn't much of a stretch.

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