Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

Sony's PlayStation Vita Is Flopping And Trailing Nintendo Sales With Poor Numbers

Sony PSVita is not living La Vida Loca like Sony artist Ricky Martin

More bad news for Sony. Their new PSVita is not doing well and was loaded with so many software bugs they had to publicly apologize to consumers, capping off a horrible year for the company. Sales of the unit in Japan are lackluster, trailing behind rival Nintendo, who sold almost 100,000 more units in the same space of time, upon their new gaming system's release.

Sony's Howard Stringer

Sony has been bleeding money this year, due to massive revenue declines in the mobile phone and entertainment sectors, extensive hacks and their factory in England being burned to the ground. What will 2012 hold for Sony...they shouldn't hold their breath. I see trouble coming. To think, this was a company that wanted to buy Apple and keeps ripping off its every move (instead of the iPad, watch Sony launch the sPad). You know Howard Stringer was stalking Steve Jobs. Rupert Murdoch was spying on him too.


Politicians Take Obama To Task Over Granting Sony Access To National Secrets

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp Is Under Investigation For Computer Hacking And Corporate Theft

The 1.5 Million CDs Lost In Sony London Fire Are Not Covered By Insurance

Sony Broken By Anonymous $24 Billion Dollar Hack

Another Sony Hack Claims The Personal And Financial Data Of 25 Million People

10 Million Sony PSN Credit Card Info Stolen, 2.2 Million Offered For Sale

Sony Badly Hit By $24 Billion Dollar Hack

Sony Playstations Seized Over Patent Theft Lawsuit

Sony Continues To Release Sub Par Michael Jackson Material

Sony Lying About New Alleged Michael Jackson Song

Sony To Rip-Off Transformers With Voltron Reboot

Shakira & Sony Stole Music From African Artists

Sony Singers Putting Their Worst Foot Forward

Sony Loses Lawsuit For Stealing "Down Under"

Sony To Rip Off The iPad

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