Jumat, 23 Desember 2011

Madonna Has Been Getting More Plastic Surgery In Trying For A Comeback After Failed Albums

Lady Gaga pretending to be pregnant, you know, like Beyonce

It's amazing, when most singers prepare for a new album, they put the material first and foremost. Looks last. Not madwoman Madonna. She puts plastic surgery first and foremost, in failed attempts at trying to look 21 and awkwardly mimic far younger singers. Her face has been cut and stretched so many times, she looks like a weathered thanksgiving turkey on its last legs, ready to pop and collapse with the next cut.

Rumors in the industry indicate, unattractive Madonna has reportedly been undergoing more plastic surgery, in anticipation of her forthcoming CD and Super Bowl performance. Many online have slammed the news that she is the choice for the half time show, stating she is a terrible selection. She better hope she doesn't get booed.

At the end of the day, anyone robbing and exploiting starving Africans which include children, to maintain her luxury lifestyle while they die from poverty and disease or viciously harasses and threatens an ethnic group for foul, inexcusable reasons, should not be on television or the radio. She is an evil ball of hatred and greed, going around seething looking for someone to harm and defraud.


Interscope Records is releasing her forthcoming CD, which is also the label Lady GaGa records for and is their top entertainer. Madonna started stalking GaGa the minute she got any buzz and has been acting like a groupie ever since, trying to ride her coattails. She intends to directly compete with Gaga, which is going to cause problems at Interscope. It is being said Gaga is not happy with the move, as Madonna is well-known for flat out stealing from entertainers, as the basis for her entire career. With her that close at Interscope, Gaga projects will get snatched that much quicker when she starts harassing and paying off staff. But she never does the work she steals any justice, as she is a pathetic pretender, who is devoid of talent.

She is out of her league trying to compete with Gaga. While the younger singer is unoriginal, as seen in various copyright infringement claims, so is the older one and to worse degrees. It should be noted, Gaga has youth on her side and that young demographic as a result. She can also sing, where Madonna simply cannot and never has been able to in anyway, relying on studio gadgetry to stop listeners ears from completely bleeding.

Since Madonna and her crazy religious cult, which is under criminal investigation, like to interfere in people's lives and harass and terrorize others, here's a bit of industry talk for you. She is not getting along with her daughter, who she drags all over the industry to very grown up and inappropriate events and the girl is complaining she can't wait to turn eighteen and leave her house. Living with "Mommy Dearest" is clearly a nightmare. She is also fighting with Guy Ritchie over how their son is being raised in an effeminate manner. Well, his uncle is gay and she still dates Miami lesbian Ingrid Caseres, so what does he expect...


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