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Christians Backing Away In Droves From Voting For Obama In 2012

Barack Obama

The Life Site website, among others, have noted President Obama's duplicitous nature when it comes to Christianity. Now that campaign season has rolled around, he has abandoned the anti-Christian rhetoric and is using more Christian friendly terms, which is really patronizing. He thinks we're stupid. You can't have it both ways.

Obama used Christianity when it was convenient to attain the highest office in the land, then acted against the faith and Christians so many times in his 3-years at the White House, the church grew tired of the games. People now more than ever are coming forward online to state he should not get the Christian vote in 2012. He should have known selling out the church would come at a political price. The adviser that convinced him otherwise is deluded. To dump on people one day, then ask them to vote for you the next is insulting.

Obama can barely contain his contempt for Christians and for someone so fond of using said group of people for politician gain, that's pretty rich. It lacks character and class. According to the Life Site website, "Family Research Council president Tony Perkins said Obama’s actions had 'created an atmosphere that is hostile toward Christianity,' and the president has personally exhibited a 'disdain for Christianity.'"

This is true. Obama has made things harder for Christians in America, via two-faced legislation he pushed to please liberals in Hollywood, who could care less if he gets reelected, as they just want their own way. Obama's behavior has encouraged unprovoked animosity and hostility towards Christians. His actions in the Oval Office have left many with reason for pause. He actually got upset at Congress reaffirming the phrase "In God We Trust." If they had said "In golf we trust" he would have been the first one in there for the congressional measure.

I'll play around about some things, but God is not one of them. I take great offense at people invoking the name of God insincerely, using it in vain to get some votes, then trampling on the tenets and people of the faith once they've gotten what they wanted. He can continue to disrespectfully show his true colors to the church (sarcasm). It is going to cost him the vote. Since Obama inexplicably loves plugging explicit, womanbeating rapper Jay-Z so much, I will write this in the idiot MC's speak - watch the throne get off the throne.


Is Obama’s Religious Talk a Political Ploy?

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