Senin, 12 Desember 2011

There's Talk In The Press Of Impeachment For Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder

Eric Holder

There's talk going around of impeachment for President Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder, who has been lambasted in the press and Congress, for trafficking guns into Mexico and putting cash in the drug cartels hands in a separate operation. All that's left now is for the public to find out he has been trafficking drugs.

Weapons issued by Obama's Department Of Justice, under the orders of Attorney General, Eric Holder, bought with U.S. taxpayer money, found in the home of a Mexicano drug cartel assassin, who among others, used the guns to kill many innocent people, including three American police officers

While Holder thoroughly deserves impeachment, as his illegal operations into Mexico without the consent of their government, cost 3 U.S. police officers their lives, as well as many Mexican civilians killed by the weapons he bought with taxpayer money, as confirmed by reports, I have a better solution. Why not sell him to the cartels, because I'm sure there's nothing they'd love more than a narc (sarcasm). I'm sure the families of the innocent people that died on both sides of the fence wouldn't object (it would be Gitmo in Mexico with Holder as the main guest).


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