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The FBI Slammed In Congress For Covering Up Death Of U.S. Border Patrol Agent

Brian Terry

The FBI is being slammed for covering up evidence in the death of border patrol agent, Brian Terry. FBI Director Robert S. Mueller has been unsuccessfully trying to distance himself from the scandal to Congress and anyone else that will listen. Terry's parents have publicly blame Eric Holder, Obama’s Attorney General, who heads up the Department of Justice, for his death. The FBI is a division of the Department of Justice.

Eric Holder (who really smiles like that - it looks so fake and insincere)

Terry was murdered with weapons Eric Holder illegally trafficked into Mexico in the "Fast and Furious" scandal, using taxpayer money to do so. Roughly 60 members of Congress have condemned Holder’s actions, but he refuses to take responsibility for the deaths of the 3 U.S. police officers and hundreds of Mexican civilians murdered with the weapons he criminally sent into Mexico, without the consent of the Mexican government.


Holder's finger always seems to find his nose - in Congress or at ceremonies, it doesn't matter to him

A few Democrats in Congress are trying to defend Holder's appalling conduct and they need to stop before they don't get reelected, over a man who has a number of other horrible scandals on the way, regarding his other crimes at the Department of Justice. It is better that you would say nothing at all, than try to defend the indefensible - murder.

There's that finger again. Eric Holder bullying a reporter from the Daily Caller website for authoring articles that state he should resign over the death of Brian Terry

Recently, Holder threatened the Daily Caller website for writing insightful articles on the "Fast And Furious" scandal. He aggressively pointed his finger in the face of a Daily Caller reporter like a bully, attempting to violate his right to free speech and free press, as guaranteed by the Constitution. You would think the Attorney General of all people would respect the Constitution, but his conduct says otherwise. Do remember, nobody likes a thug in a suit. Keep your finger to yourself (especially since most of the time it is in your nose and who knows where else).

Eric Holder and Barack Obama, who continues to insist he has full confidence in Eric Holder, even in the face of the Fast and Furious deaths. This exhibits very poor judgment on the President's part.

The bully tactics, browbeating and bellowing at people are not conduct befitting an officer of the court, especially the nation's top legal official. You should be ashamed of yourself. When people see you do such things, especially in public, they will assume you were dragged up and not brought up by your parents. I don't know why you think this crassness and ill-mannered behavior is flattering, when it indicates poor breeding. Learn some restraint and respect other people's personal space before you disgrace yourself and your family anymore than you already have.

Unfaithful Eric Holder and his tolerant wife Dr. Sharon Malone (Holder having trouble hearing from Congress barking at him so much)

How ironic that Holder's wife is a physician. A doctor married to a man responsible for the preventable deaths of 3 police officers in America and hundreds of Mexican civilians (Fast and Furious scandal) in addition to the deaths of several Jamaican police officers and dozens of Jamaican civilians (Holder's botched Dudus extradition). Holder's wife and kids must be so proud (sarcasm).

Eric Holder (DOJ) and Robert S. Mueller (FBI)

I have a question: as a doctor, Ms. Malone, how do you lay in the same bed at night with a man covering up for and helping high profile criminals steal AIDS and cancer pharma funds in addition to money meant for an invention to help the blind see.


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