Kamis, 15 Desember 2011

Rick Perry's Presidential Ad Challenging Obama's 'War On Religion' A Hit With 6,700,000 Views On You Tube (Video)

Rick Perry's "Strong" ad, featured in his presidential campaign, is a hit on You Tube with over 6,700,000 views in one week and rising. The ad challenges President Obama's 'War on Religion.' The Texas Governor, who states he is a conservative Christian, struck a chord with audiences.

Barack Obama

Obama used the Christian religion to get into office, then quickly turned his back on it, in favor of certain campaign donors' unethical private interests that have eroded the moral fiber of America and openly contradicted the Bible. He is not worthy of the Christian vote. The corruption Obama has complied with is astonishing.


Rick Perry Pledges To Protect America From Obama's 'War On Religion' In New Ad

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