Selasa, 13 Desember 2011

Iran Says It Is Keeping The US Drone It Shot Down Over Its Shores

Barack Obama: at least we still have the helicopter

The Iranian government stated it is keeping the technologically advanced American spy drone it shot down over its nation. They are also filing a complaint with the United Nations (er, the United Nations is owned by the U.S. government). I'm going to give my frank opinion on the matter, being unbiased and truthful.

U.S. drone on Iranian TV

The United States government violated international law by flying into Iranian air space without permission and with the intent to spy (hence the spy drone). The Iranian government had the right to shoot down the drone over their nation. However, the drone is the intellectual property and physical property of the United States government and should be returned as such. Talk of "mass producing" and "reverse engineering" it is illegal, as it is not the property of the Iranian government. An international complaint can be filed for patent and copyright infringement, not to mention theft and fraud.

Side Bar: the Obama Administration was negligent in allowing a top secret piece of military equipment that cost the taxpayers a bundle, to end up damaged, then illegally confiscated. What if said technology falls into the wrong hands and becomes transport for a nuclear or biochemical weapon. Once again, why did the drone not have a self-destruct mechanism, especially in light of the fact it was going over foreign territory. This was poor governance.

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