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Eric Holder Plays The Race Card Saying He Is Being Slammed Because He And President Obama Are Black

Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama

President Obama's criminally inept Attorney General, Eric Holder, stated to the New York Times that he is being slammed over items such as the "Fast And Furious" deaths he precipitated, because he and the head of state are black. That's odd, because I'm black and I think you are a wicked, contemptible person with no respect for human life. You should be in prison over the aforementioned scandal and other things you've done that broke the law, leading to many innocent people dying terrifying deaths.

If you pulled the race card to the hundreds of grieving families in America and Mexico, who had to bury their loved ones, because you took it upon yourself to crazily and criminally use U.S. taxpayer money to illegally traffic guns and cash to drug cartels across the border, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have any teeth left. They'd send you back to Washington needing dentures.

I ask you, if someone did something that caused your children to die horrible deaths, Mr. Holder, how would you and your wife feel. Yet you expect people to applaud you for doing the same to other families. Your illegal conduct in the "Fast and Furious" deaths, particularly in the death of American Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry and his fellow officers that were killed by guns you purchased and sent to the drug cartels, is particularly egregious, as it is a gross betrayal, due to the fact you did this as an officer of the court in the U.S. government.

You betrayed American blood in endangering every U.S. Border Patrol Agent and costing 3 of them their very lives. So stop acting stupid and clueless when their families vent their anger on television and in print in your direction. You are by no means innocent or blameless. You are a criminal.

Holder further stated the criticism of him, "Is a way to get at the president." Once again, If you said something stupid like that to families that are bereaved because of your conduct, you'd need a bodyguard. It would be better if you would shut your mouth, than do offensive, delusional, self-defeating interviews in attempting to defend the indefensible, which only spawns more criticism online. As the Bible says, "Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent." You should hang that in your office along with, "Thou shall not kill."

Race has nothing to do with the criticism of you, as you consistently go into Congress unprepared with some crime hanging over your head. Please tell me, what's racist about people saying you should not have criminally broken U.S. and Mexican law in trafficking guns and cash to drug cartels, just to see what would happen, then negligently lost track of them in something only a fool would do, only for the weapons to turn up at crime scenes where 3 American police officers were killed and hundreds of Mexican civilians.

Your conduct in the "Fast And Furious" scandal reminds me of that regrettable musical lyric from "Folsom Prison Blues" which states "I shot a man (in Reno) just to watch him die" because it is just reckless. By your own admission, you did all this as Attorney General just to see what would happen and hundreds of innocent people died.

If I were in such a post, I would be terrified of trafficking guns, cash or anything else, because all I would be wondering about is what if this goes wrong and innocent people get harmed or killed. But to you, innocent people are just collateral damage. Furthermore, I would not be illegally operating in another nation without permission. That's just plain arrogant and ill-mannered.

Moreover, if any American civilian had trafficked guns into Mexico or any other nation, Holder would hypocritically put them in prison (well, unless they were famous Hollywood denizens, then they'd be invited to the White House for a 5 course dinner with expensive liquor on the taxpayers' tab, with campaign donations to follow).

The imbecilic Eric Holder

It was the same breed of criminal negligence you forced in your dealings with Jamaica in the botched extradition of Dudus. The Judiciary Report did not say Dudus is innocent, as the site always maintained doubts about his innocence, but warned to be careful how you handle things as U.S. law enforcement (DOJ/FBI) in a foreign nation, lest innocent people get killed.

That's all the site asked. But you being the cocky, show off you are, decided to take of the gloves and try to rough up the prime minister of another nation, his cabinet and innocent law abiding Jamaicans and Jamaican businesses, via economic sanctions and threats, to force a quick extradition and 72 PEOPLE WERE KILLED among them innocent civilians, police officers and a soldier. In Jamaica, it is bad enough if a civilian or police officer dies, but a soldier being killed is a massive no-no!

Your methods are a problem, Mr. Holder. Anyone with half a brain can see that. You do not think things through, running head on into collision in a number of cases, where your conduct caused the deaths of innocent people. You are a careless, arrogant, deceitful, evil man trying to show people who's boss and as a result hundreds of people in three sovereign nations are dead for it (Mexico, America and Jamaica).

You are responsible for those deaths and your attitude towards it is astonishing, show a great lack of respect for human life. In God's sight, the sin of their blood shed is on your hands and God is going to punish you for it, especially due to the unrepentant arrogance you consistently spew. The Bible says "God resists the proud." That means God is against arrogance, especially in the face of wrongdoing.

What dream world are you living in that you can consistently break the law or engage in political bullying, trying to deflect attention from your own crimes by comparison, in pointing out the sins of others, leading to the death of innocent people. Yet in all of that, all people are hearing from you is what about me and poor me.

At least you are alive. What about all those people that will not be with their families for Christmas, due to your crazy, botched government operations that killed civilians and cops. Your behavior is insane. People have died because of you. Show some respect and shut up. Man up. Stop playing the race card. Black is a color, it does not mean stupidity.

You do realize the U.S. government put Timothy McVeigh to death for the mass murder deaths of 168 people in Oklahoma City and you, Holder, by comparison, are responsible for the deaths of far more people. If this were China, you'd already have a bullet in the back of your head, convicted for corruption and carelessness under the death penalty in causing that many innocent people to die as Attorney General.


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