Jumat, 30 Desember 2011

Madonna Is Putting Out A Perfume And You Know What It Probably Smells Like...

Mad-onna (after all that plastic surgery and botox she still looks older than her age)

According to a pop culture news post on another site, pop tart Madonna has a perfume coming out (LOL). Really, who in their right mind would want to smell like Madonna. She goes around looking sweaty, unfeminine, unkempt and odorous all the time. They should have named the perfume Funk or Funky.

Photo and caption of Man-donna by Roflrazzi.com

You know what Madonna's so-called perfume probably smells like: steroids, Botox and gym funk. After all, supermodel Janice Dickinson said she stood next to Madonna at a club and the faux singer smelled horrid and totally wreaked to the point she had to move from beside her.


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