Jumat, 13 Januari 2012

Braxton Family Values Has Descended Into Cheap Sex, Raunchy Dialogue And Publicity Stunts

"Braxton Family Values" cast

What started off as one of the more decent reality shows last year, has taken a negative turn this year in season two. "Braxton Family Values" is now like so many other reality shows - cheap sex, ranch and publicity stunt. Case in point, last night I saw an episode of the show with Trina speaking very explicitly about cheating on her husband by giving another man oral sex.

She was really crass and vulgar in how she described the sexual affair, so much so her mother grew angry and reproved her on camera for it. Trina and Tamar's speech was inappropriate. They embarrassed themselves and clearly their mom.

Towanda has also taken to strategically wearing a "eye of horus" pendant on a necklace, symbolic of the satanic cult and so-called Hollywood "illuminati" (Kabbalah). Other members of the cult include Tamar's husband and his main artist, Lady GaGa. This does not mix with Christianity and don't' let anyone tell you otherwise. God says in the Bible you, "Can't serve two masters."


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