Kamis, 19 Januari 2012

President Obama Nixes Canadian Oil Pipeline To America That Would Have Created Jobs And Revenues

It's amazing that President Obama gave away $18,500,000,000 in taxpayer money to his campaign donors in the green/solar industries, for companies that have since filed bankruptcy and failed, laying off thousands, yet he nixes the Canadian Oil Pipeline to Texas in America that would have created jobs and revenue. Oil is a proven revenue source. Solar, though it is useful, is not. What is wrong with this picture.

Barack Obama

President Obama scrapping the pipeline is another example of his poor business acumen and terrible choices in the area of economics. This is not good business strategy. America cannot take another term of such poor decision making. President Obama has a bias against oil and gas, as it does not fit with his costly, failure prone green vision for America and it is burning a lot of business people in the nation and abroad. He is not being practical and it is costing America plenty.


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