Kamis, 12 Januari 2012

Justin Bieber Is Readying His Second Album

Will It Be A Hit Or Flop

Justin Bieber (Photo Credit: Splash)

17-year-old pop star, Justin Bieber, is readying his sophomore album, which is the make or break release for any artist who wants to have longevity in the entertainment industry. The Christmas album Bieber released this past holiday does not count as his sophomore effort. Neither do remix CDs.

Bieber will be an adult when his next album is released. So will much of his audience. Shortly, many will know whether Bieber can make that transition into musical adulthood or be consigned to the one hit wonder annals of music history as a teen novelty act.

Sounds harsh, but that's exactly the way the music industry works. There have been many artists in the history of music who were as big, if not bigger than Bieber is right now, but faded away, almost as soon as they became famous, suffering from a failed sophomore album.


Will Justin Bieber Successfully Make The Transition Into Musical Adulthood

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