Senin, 09 Januari 2012

Obama's Chief Of Staff Quits On Him After One Year

The Exodus From The Obama Administration Continues

Recently, President Barack Obama's body man, Reggie Love, quit to further his degree, leaving the Commander-in-Chief sad and moping in interviews. Today it was announced, his Chief-of-Staff, William Daley, has bailed on Obama as well. Daley is succeeded by White House Budget Director, Jacob Lew. These are but two of many departures from the Obama administration, which gives the impression something is wrong.

Barack Obama

To lose that many employees in such a short space of time indicates there is a problem with cohesion and integrity in his cabinet. What are these employees seeing that is scaring them off. A high turnover is not good. In the staffing industry, when someone goes through that many employees, it says they are difficult to work with and doing things they probably should not.


The Obama White House Exodus Continues

Obama Presidency In Turmoil

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