Sabtu, 21 Januari 2012

British Woman Born With Two Working Vaginas Offered $1,000,000 (Video)

Beautiful British woman, Hazel Jones, was born with two vaginas. You go girl! There's nothing wrong with being different. Jones' condition is know as uterus didelphys. The Briton is considered one in a million. She was also offered a million by a pornography company to do a movie and she turned them down. She made the right choice, as all those films do is objectify people.

Hazel Jones

While Jones did speak of disadvantages to having uterus didelphys, there are advantages to this condition she can use to her favor regarding her marriage. Of course, physically speaking, her husband will need a chiropractor, but still, they must be very happy. The man is spoiled for choice. Two vaginas without cheating.

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