Selasa, 10 Januari 2012

Willow Smith Is A Prime Example Of Bad Hollywood Parenting

Parents Pushing Kids For Fame

Willow Smith (Photo Credit: Splash)

Willow Smith, the offspring of bisexual actor Will Smith, left the house looking like something out of one of her daddy's alien movies. She is a prime example of bad Hollywood parenting. Too much freedom and too little hearing the word "no."

The preteen wears skimpy outfits or other ensembles that look flat out crazy and too adult for her. She's also done interviews saying she does not need an education, as her dad has money and she is going to be an entertainer as well, not realizing a reversal of fortune can happen to anyone.

She sings the strange lyric "I whip my hair back and forth" but she needs parents that will whip her butt back and forth. It is clear no boundaries have been set by her parents. Furthermore, what they've done with Willow as an alleged singer is not impressive in any manner.

She is not ready to be an entertainer. She cannot sing and thanks to her dad's connections, rode Justin Bieber's coattails to fame on his tour, where her brother tagged along as well, trying to usurp the spotlight. How long before these children are full fledged Scientologists, like their parents, as the imbalance in their childhood is showing through, setting the stage for that to happen.

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