Jumat, 06 Januari 2012

The FBI’s Computer System Is Still A Monumental Failure That Is Once Again Behind Schedule

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

I guess the FBI isn’t tired of failure. Recently, it was announced again that their long overdue computer system (software and hardware) is behind schedule and costing taxpayers a bundle, pardon the pun. The Judiciary Report previously wrote about the topic: IG: FBI Computer System On Track For Failure and FBI Computer System Still A Financial Sinkhole.

Once again, years ago, the Judiciary Report’s sister site, the Sound Off Column, predicted this would happen (www.soundoffcolumn.com/june_06.htm). When the site started writing about the FBI, the law enforcement agency didn’t even have a computer system or basic emails. Agents did everything by pen, pad and tape recorder. The site laid out a plan for achieving a great computer system and warned what not to do lest they fail and run into monumental delays.

The FBI didn’t listen to the warnings and the Sound Off Column’s predicted worst case scenarios happened, leading to the U.S. taxpayers getting burned big time, which all could have been avoided. When I write things it is for a reason. The FBI reads my websites everyday according to site statistics, so they saw the suggestions and have no excuse for running amok like they did.

At the end of the day, the U.S. taxpayers are left holding the bag to the tune of a few hundred million dollars in wasted money via the failed computer system. That adds to the national deficit. Do you know how many jobs could have been created with that few hundred million dollars.

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