Sabtu, 07 Januari 2012

Kim Kardashian Sent Kanye West Sexual Photos Of Herself

Looking For A Date And Music Career

Kim Kardashian

Now that video girl Amber Rose has revealed Kim Kardashian sent racy pictures to the former's ex-boyfriend, rapper Kanye West, doesn't it make her look that much more desperate for fame by association. Granted, Kanye isn't as famous as he once was, since he, well, lost his ever loving mind.

Kanye West

Kardashian began having sex with West, in support of her music career, which failed. West is known for sleeping with entertainers such as Rihanna, in exchange for musical favors in the studio. For someone that was raised in luxury thanks to her late dad, then step dad, Kardashian needlessly prostitutes herself on a regular basis.


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