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The British Police Arrest Members Of Rupert Murdoch's Staff At News Corp's Sun Newspaper During A Raid!

News Corp's Rupert Murdoch and wife Wendi Murdoch

This is another in the series of phone hacking articles the Judiciary Report has published, regarding a scandal I broke first in October 2005, via a police complaint I filed with the Metropolitan Police in London, England. 5 more people have been arrested in the scandal. The Metropolitan Police raided the Sun Newspaper UK, a company its owner, News Corp CEO, Rupert Murdoch, swore months ago was not involved in phone hacking.

Murdoch claimed on international television the phone hacking was solely at News Corp's News Of The World newspaper, which was shuttered this past summer. However, as my police complaint from October 2005 that has been online for years indicates, the Sun Newspaper was the unit of News Corp I first noticed engaging in criminal misconduct against me, in tandem with pop twit, Kabbalah nutcase and all around thief Madonna, who has a disgraceful legal track record. Since the filing of that complaint, I noticed the criminal misconduct spread to News Corp's News Of The World and the Wall Street Journal.

Once again, I am not a liar. I have no reason to make up stories on anyone, especially in an industry so prone to blacklisting and abusing innocent people. However, the greedy, despicable Murdoch family, who has extensive ties to Madonna, began stealing my copyrights, hacking my phone and emails, paying private investigators and their thugs to stalk and approach me with the most foul, cruel, racist and invasive speech you could imagine, often in the presence of my family.

I've done nothing to them, but witnessing how many valuable copyrights I have registered with the Library of Congress, beginning when I was 14-years of age, as a child prodigy, they became covetous and resentful, agreeing among themselves to steal said copyrights via hacking, for undue financial gain.

Crazy, unattractive, untalented madwoman Mad-onna

I come from a family of award winning writers and entertainment personalities, yet disgusting Madonna and News Corp have tried every illegal act, including bribery regarding others, in bids at depriving me of a career in my family's chosen profession, to criminally steal my copyrights. One of my aunt's wrote her first article at 15-years of age and it was published in the newspaper. We gravitate to this stuff early. This is what my family has done for decades.

Yet, here are these lazy, greedy criminals trying to take that away from me - something I have worked so hard for since I was a kid. I'm not going to tolerate that from anyone. Who do you think you are, because in my book you aren't squat, due to your vile behavior. Anyone that goes to such sick extremes to create a fake facade of success while stealing from others is a loser(s).

News Corp has since been unmasked as a criminal corporation robbing and dismantling other companies for illegal gain. They are being investigated for these serious financial crimes of a conspiratorial nature that have destroyed many lives. What I find particularly repugnant about News Corp, Madonna and their associates is their abhorrent conduct in not only stealing people's property, but going so far as to do their level best to financially and emotionally destroy their victims and their families in every way their sick minds can muster. They revel in being evil and cruel to others. They are the most evil people in existence. The funny thing is, they are a bunch of pathetic cowards, who could not take that same abusive treatment from others.


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