Sabtu, 21 Januari 2012

Model And Blogger Lauren Scruggs Should Do Interview About Plane Propeller Accident She Survived

Lauren Scruggs this week going to physical therapy (Photo Credit: Nick Stern)

Model and blogger, Lauren Scruggs, survived a very serious physical and emotional trauma, after walking into a plane propeller at night, after taking a flight in a small plane to view Christmas lights in Texas last year. Yesterday, a terrible 911 tape was released of the incident that left many shaken. Scruggs was heard crying, wailing and moaning in anguish, after the propeller cracked her skull, destroyed her eye and severed her hand.

Remarkably, she survived, even when the paramedics feared she would die due to the extent of her injuries and began praying for her. Scruggs should do an interview to talk about her survival and to clear up misconceptions about the accident, as there are rumors out there that do not seem true.


23-Year-Old Model And Blogger Making Miraculous Recovery After Losing Her Arm In Plane Propeller Accident

23-Year-Old Model And Blogger Loses Hand After Walking Into Plane Propeller

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