Rabu, 18 Januari 2012

The Obama Administration Lost Billions In Taxpayer Money On More Green Companies That Failed (Video)

Green Doesn't Often Mean Green, As In Money

Obama, who has been signing the money away for three years, is a bad investor

Many believed the solar company, Solyndra, whose failure cost the American taxpayer $500,000,000, was the only failure in the sector that President Obama gave the nation's money to, but there's more. A CBS News report indicates the Obama Administration spent many billions of dollars in taxpayer money on other green initiatives that have failed.

The report states 80% of the U.S. Department of Energy's $20,500,000,000 budget, comprised of taxpayer money, went to President Obama's donors, on companies that failed and are in bankruptcy or facing it right now. Going green is good, but the government handled it the wrong way and for political reasons, in deeds that have now cost the U.S. taxpayers a significant amount of money added to the national debt.

These companies were green in another way, as in unproven and risky. For years the Judiciary Report warned in articles that Obama should avoid untried and unnecessary spending and even named green and solar initiatives in that category, as it would be a hindrance in getting the nation out of the financial crisis.

And though over 20 divisions of the U.S. government have been reading this website for years, including the White House, they did it anyway and ran head on into this calamity they were warned by this website would happen. It's amazing how some heads of state sign away the people's money said leaders could not earn or repay in their lifetimes. It is careless, reckless and arrogant.

Side Bar: Jesus Himself could have come down from heaven in 2008 and told Obama do not spend the people's money on these green companies, as it will put the nation further in debt to no good results and the first thing out of Obama's mouth would have been, "But they are my campaign donors..."

These corrupt campaign donors and those in Hollywood did not put Obama in office, the American people did in big numbers, but these rich and famous folks using the President are going to get him thrown out of office with their foolishness the nation is witnessing unfold online.


CBS News: Obama’s 11 More Solyndras

In the wake of Peter Schweizer’s explosive revelation that 80 percent of the Department of Energy’s $20.5 billion in green energy loans went to President Barack Obama’s fundraisers and donors, CBS News is now reporting that the Obama Administration spent billions of taxpayer dollars on 11 more Solyndra-style loans to so-called green energy companies that have since gone bankrupt or are facing serious financial difficulty...



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