Jumat, 27 Januari 2012

Michael Jackson’s Daughter Is In Love With Justin Bieber

Watch Out Selena Gomez!

Paris Jackson to Justin Bieber: I love you!!!

Paris Jackson, 13, the daughter of the late pop star, Michael Jackson, has been swooning over 17-year old pop star, Justin Bieber. She attended a ceremony with him this week, in honor of her dad and was gushing about him as a singer and person. Jackson said, "We are all very big fans of Justin and his music. I know I am."

Prince Jackson to Justin Bieber: touch my sister and I will beat you down. I will moonwalk all over you!

There's only one problem. Bieber has a girlfriend, 19-year-old, Selena Gomez, who better watch out. Jackson is a beautiful girl. Then again, Gomez is probably used to chicks professing their adoration for Bieber. Nonetheless, she doesn't like it, especially when they are really pretty.

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