Rabu, 25 Januari 2012

Reports Indicate Whitney Houston Has Lost All Of Her Money And Is Asking For Donations

Whitney Houston

After selling more records than any female singer in music history, Whitney Houston, the most vocally gifted American singer of the past 30 years, is reportedly broke and requesting financial assistance from others in her circle. Her most recent CDs were released to lukewarm sales, especially in comparison to the units she used to shift. At one time her fortune was estimated at $250,000,000 from record sales, touring, merchandising deals, movie roles and production credits.

Whitney Houston

Years of costly drug and alcohol abuse, lavish living and financial mismanagement, resulted in her fortune dwindling. Houston sold properties she owned at prices below market value and divorced singer, Bobby Brown. Houston did sign a new record deal with Arista, but due to moderate sales, expensive recordings, promotional plans and marketing campaigns, she made far less than was reported, due to issues dealing with costs being recouped.

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