Sabtu, 28 Januari 2012

Mitt Romney Introduces His Spanish Speaking Son At Florida Event To Cheers

Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, brought his Spanish speaking son along at a Florida event, in courting the important Hispanic vote. His son spoke well in Spanish. I don't speak Spanish well, but from the few words I caught it did sound right. Besides, the accent was good. Romney's dad was born in Mexico, after his granddad joined a Mormon colony in the country. The family returned to America when Romney's dad was a child.

*Looks at U.S. immigration*: has anyone checked Mitt Romney's immigration status. Is he even legal. I'm just teasing (LOL). I would never turn in an illegal immigrant.

Romney's son looks a bit tan and his hair is curly. Dude is looking a bit Latino. Are you sure a Mexican didn't get his fiesta on with Romney's mama or grandmama. Maury! Maury! Maury! Joking again.

Newt Gingrich talking out the side of his mouth

Gangsta Gingrich was there as well dropping a few words in Spanish. Sorry, I'm not feeling Newt (but looking at his many marriages, apparently quite a few women are). Dude is the Elizabeth Taylor of the Republican Party with all these marriages. His track record since the 1990s is too spotty. Too many questionable financial issues. Too many links to corruption. I saw an interview with him recently and he invoked the word "cabal" like it was something positive. I think not buddy boy!

The Republican field has whittled down to some tough choices. Many Americans have qualms about Mormonism, which Romney is apart of and people know flat out that Gingrich is a cheat and a corrupt liar. Ron Paul talks a lot of sense, but has not been able to get the kind of support he needs to move out front in the race.

Perry, who left the race, has professed good values, but public speaking gave him difficulty at times. On the other side of the fence is big spender President Obama, whose policies have failed right before everyone's eyes. America has a tough choice to make.

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