Kamis, 19 Januari 2012

Man That Brutally Raped And Killed 7-Year-Old In Georgia Kills Himself In Prison

Jorelys Rivera

In the December 8. 2011 article "20-Year-Old Man Detained In The Beating Death And Rape Of 7-Year-Old Jorelys Rivera" the Judiciary Report stated of murderer, Ryan McCabe Brunn, "Inmates will not react well to his presence. When one goes into prison as a pedophile and or child murderer, it will make one a target."

Ryan McCabe Brunn

Brunn, 21, no longer able to take the pressure of prison, pled guilty this week to raping, beating and stabbing Rivera to death and was sentenced to life in prison, as the Judiciary Report predicted two months ago, then died of an apparent suicide in his cell today. Suicide is always a tragedy and is best avoided, but people need to think before they commit atrocities against others, particularly children, as prison is not kind to those that do such things.

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