Selasa, 17 Januari 2012

Millionaire Mitt Romney Agrees To Release His Tax Returns To The Public

His Fortune Being Used Against Him

Barack Obama

Mitt Romney, the former Governor of Massachusetts and Republican frontrunner for his party's nomination in the U.S. 2012 presidential elections, has agreed to release his tax returns. Romney, who is said to be worth $250,000,000 initially refused, as rivals in both political parties were using his wealth against him.

Mitt Romney

There is nothing wrong with being successful. America needs a strong business mind in the White House, as both George W. Bush and Barack Obama have failed in this endeavor. One started the financial crisis and the other made it worse with massive government spending that has not worked. What America needs right now is an inventive job creator, who knows the value of a dollar and is frugal. The question is can Romney create the jobs.

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