Sabtu, 28 Januari 2012

911 Dispatcher Had To Ask Demi Moore's Age 3 Times After She Overdosed

Friends And Family Scared To Tell It On Tape

A fed up responding 911 telephone dispatcher asked the age of 49-year-old Kabbalah actress, Demi Moore, three times only to hear *crickets* as her family and friends feared giving the correct answer. The age conscious, appearance obsessed, anorexic actress had overdosed on dangerous drugs, distraught over the end of her marriage to Ashton Kutcher. The Judiciary Report has maintained for months that Moore is a drug and alcohol abuser and this recent incident proves it. Kutcher leaving her for a string of young women only made things worse.

Demi Moore

The dispatcher also disclosed Moore's address in the 911 tape (stalkers take note) and a cursor review of the property online, revealed the place to be a bit mature for her immature husband, Kutcher. The exposed, fading wood decks, hunks of stone and old woodsy look doesn't seem like something a 33-year-old vapid celebrity male like Kutcher would like. He also wasted no time in setting up a bachelor pad when he ditched Moore a few months ago. It's been non-stop partying and sex since then.

The 911 tape revealed she also smoked something and took prescription pills, both of which she is abusing. Too bad she doesn't realize, going ano just because your husband left you for younger chicks, will only make you look older, as too much weight loss causes the face and fanny to drop like a stone. Since Kutcher dropped Moore she aged 10 years overnight. Stress and anorexia do not go well together. Neither does drug and alcohol abuse.

Ashton Kutcher

Accept it. You are almost 50. That's life. One day, if Kutcher lives, he's going to hit that age as well and with the way he parties, drinks and takes drugs, he's not going to age well. The skin is an imprint of what people do. Smoking, alcohol, drugs just sits there on the skin.


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