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Did The Kardashian Clothing Line Lead To Sears Poor Christmas Sales And Store Closures

Kardashian Kollection

Prior to the Christmas shopping season, the Judiciary Report, commented on Sears anchoring their stores' apparel section on the prominently displayed Kardashian clothing line that did not strike the site as popular (the Kardashian clothes do not look very good and the materials appear cheap). See November 23. 2011 article Kim Kardashian Waging A Smear Campaign Against Husband Kris Humphries.

After Christmas, the company made an announcement that their sales were way off from the prior year and they would be closing 100-120 of their Sears/K-Mart stores this year as a result, leaving many unemployed (Sears And Kmart To Close 100-120 Stores). Did the Kardashian line and the family's embarrassing fall from grace damage Sears' sales.


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