Selasa, 17 Januari 2012

Megan Fox Wants To Bump Troublesome Lindsay Lohan From Elizabeth Taylor Biopic

One Of These Actresses Should Not Have The Role

Megan Fox

Troublesome former child star, Lindsay Lohan, wants to play the late Elizabeth Taylor in a forthcoming biographic film on the actress' life. Lohan is putting her name out there in a major way, attempting to drop hints for the role. However, former "Transformers" actress, Megan Fox, is now speaking out against Lohan getting the role, stating she wants to play Taylor.

Lindsay Lohan

25-year-old Fox is not a thespian, but she has more credibility in the acting world than Lindsay Lohan. She also does not look washed up like 25-year-old Lohan, who has spent the last several years taking drugs, getting drunk and partying. If you remember correctly, last April, the Judiciary Report remarked Fox looks like Taylor (Mickey Rourke Retracts Megan Fox Compliment). Hands down, she is a better choice for the role than Lohan.

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